Hero Profile – Sebastien Bailey

Sebastien is 23 and a third year pharmacy student at Kingston University.  Here he tells us why he is running the Brighton Marathon for PS.

Sebastien is 23 and a third year pharmacy student at Kingston University.  He is hoping to work in hospital or industry  (perhaps in Japan) after he graduates.  He’s raised money for charities in the past such a s WDC and Ataxia UK.  He considers himself to be an all-rounder and is the sort of guy that you would have on your team for a pub quiz for the general knowledge and TV/film sections.  Here he gives us Tea on why he is hoping to raise lots of money for the charity by running the  Brighton Marathon for PS and why he’s currently expanding his pharmacy empire which, if you would like to join it, can be found at @SebastienPharma on Twitter!

Why did you decide to become a Pharmacist Support Fundraising Hero?

I was personally inspired by other people who have done some amazing things to raise money for this charity.  I thought ‘if they could do it why can’t I?’  There was no excuse for not putting in the same effort – some previous fundraisers have full-time jobs and families, I’m just a student!

I also decided to run a marathon in the hope that I would lose some of my gut and get into much better shape.  Whilst this is true and I can do a lot more pull-ups than I used to be able to do, I still don’t really consider myself to be a hero, I’m just doing the right thing for an amazing cause.

What hero fundraising activities do you have planned?

Up until now I’ve been relying mostly on word of mouth – plugging my fundraiser to anybody I have met.  I’ve been in contact with my past high school who may put some of the funds received from non-uniform days towards my fundraising – that would be an amazing help!  I’m quite lucky that  Pharmacist Support  has provided me with a large range of fundraising resources and options to choose from to help raise donations.  After my buys exam period comes to an end I hope to run a quiz to raise some extra cash!

Why is the charity important to you?

I personally suffer quite a lot from self worth issues; low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and low confidence.  I haven’t had to use the services the charity provides personally, however, knowing that there is a charity that is specifically for pharmacists and their families, a charity that really cares about my wellbeing and is there for myself and others that are in a similar situation, or worse, really makes a bid difference for my piece of mind.

Why do you think others should join the Pharmacist Support Fundraising Hero Team?

This is your charity!  No matter what the situation Pharmacist Support will have your back, so why not have their back, so they can have more people’s backs!

If you want to do the same as me, great!  It takes a little bit of time every week to not only raise funds for an amazing cause but also seriously improves your health.  I’m sure when I finish my marathon the feeling of achievement  I will get will be absolutely priceless, a once in a lifetime experience!

The Brighton Marathon is taking place on Sunday 14th April 2019 and you can donate to Sebastien’s fundraising page here.