Hero Profile – Pharmacy Skydive

Samera, Ayesha, Jess and Claudia are four fab pharmacists and pre-reg pharmacists about to do something really brave or crazy all in aid of Pharmacist Support.

Samera, Ayesha,  Jess and Claudia are four fabulous pharmacists and pre-registration pharmacists about to do something really brave or what some might call crazy all in aid of raising money for Pharmacist Support.  Here they’ll tell us all about it!

Tell us a little about yourselves

I’m Samera and I am a pre-reg pharmacist working in a community pharmacy. I’ve skydived once before with Keele University when I was a student from 3,000ft but I’ve never done it from 10,000ft! I’m really excited to document this journey with you all 😀

I’m Ayesha and I’m a locum pharmacist and passionate about supporting our ace charity Pharmacist Support who have helped me personally when I’ve needed them! Please sponsor us all as it will go to a worthy cause and also because…well…who wouldn’t wanna see me, a person terrified of falling, jumping 10,000ft out of a plane!

Hi, I’m Jess (AKA Pharmacy Study Buddy) and I’m a pre-reg pharmacist in community pharmacy. There are not many reasons I’d jump out of a plane… but I will to help support such a great charity! Whether you need information, support, or just a “listening friend”, pharmacist support are there when you need them! (Oh, and did I mention – I’m scared of heights? 😂)

I’m Claudia and I am a pre-reg pharmacist working in a community pharmacy. I have decided to do something crazy and jump out of a plane for pharmacist support.

Why did you decide to become Pharmacist Support Fundraising Heroes?

The charity has helped us all in various ways and we want it to be available to support everyone else in our profession too!  We saw the post on Twitter and thought why not! 😊

What hero fundraising activities do you have planned?

Skydiving from 10,000ft and asking people to sponsor us!

Why is the charity important to you?

We need people to understand what we go through on a daily basis as pharmacists in our personal and professional lives. It’s good to know there are friendly people at the other end waiting to listen and help however they can.

Why do you think others should join the Pharmacist Support Fundraising Hero Team?

To help raise awareness and allow the charity to thrive and help many others out there.

Please support our 4 brave girls and help them reach their fundraising target by donating to their Just Giving Page here.