Feel prepared for the 2021 registration assessment

Typically a quarter of all enquiries to the charity come from trainee pharmacists, with spikes in contact in the lead up to and post the assessment.

It’s a difficult time for most, juggling the pressures of work with exam preparation and for some; there are the added pressures of families or other caring responsibilities. The good news is that there is free and confidential support available during any stressful times, be that during the remaining months of training or indeed as a qualified pharmacist.

Some ways we have already provided assistance are:

  • for trainees experiencing problems with a particular member of staff or their tutor we have provided them with a Listening Friend and also guidance from our specialist employment adviser

Pharmacist Support has information available on a range of topics on our website, including factsheets on the trainee pharmacist year, stress, bullying and career options for those with a pharmacy degree. Also on our site is a directory of organisations and websites providing hints and tips to assist with revision and exam preparation.

If you are struggling with the demands of your placement or with personal issues, or you know somebody who is, check out the range of free and confidential support available on our website.

Just released….

You can now access our brand new webinars looking at stress, time management and assertiveness with tips and resources to help improve your wellbeing!