Charity Partner – Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Ravi Sharma, is Director of England at The Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Here he tells us about how the RPS plan to #GoGreen4PS and why they became a charity partner.

We caught up with Ravi Sharma, Director of England at The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), to find out more about how the RPS plan to #GoGreen4PS and why they became a campaign partner.

Why is Pharmacist Support important to you and your organisation?

Pharmacist Support is the only independent charity working for pharmacists, pharmacy students and former pharmacists including their families.  They provide invaluable support and help in people’s greatest times of need. PS is an important organisation to the RPS, to deliver both organisations mission and vision.  As part of a revised collaboration approach we will look to strengthen partnership working to support the mental health and wellbeing of pharmacists together.

What prompted you and your organisation to get involved with the charity’s #GoGreen4PS campaign?

For many of the reasons I’ve already stated, but most importantly supporting Pharmacist Support to support others.  The campaign is great and empathetic to the current, past and future workforce.  We want to help Pharmacist Support grow and strengthen as an organisation for now and the future.

What activities do you have planned?

  • launch of a joint mental health and wellbeing survey and report
  • on 10th October 2019 RPS will be supporting #GoGreen4PS across the organisation and at the English Pharmacy Board meeting. We hope to be able to proactively fundraise on the day
  • in the works is forming a strong agreement with Pharmacist Support – to enable us to work more closely together.

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