Assessment Day Guidance

Pre-reg trainees who are sitting the June assessment should note the GPhC recommends you arrive one hour before the exam begins. Check out our list of permitted items & info on notification of your results.

Pre-registration trainees who are sitting the June assessment should note that the GPhC recommends you arrive at least one hour before the exam is scheduled to begin to allow plenty of time for registration.

You will only be allowed to have a limited number of permitted items on your desk. Permitted items are:-

  • approved photographic ID – either a valid passport or a valid UK or European driving license photo-card (either full or provisional)
  • approved calculator/s – part one paper only
  • HB pencils
  • pencil eraser and sharpener
  • ruler
  • 2 highlighters with no packaging
  • glasses but no glasses case
  • water and non-fizzy drinks
  • cough sweets or other medication/sustenance if you have a medical condition
  • tissues.

Items that are not permitted include:-

  • pens
  • mobile phones
  • smart devices
  • watches
  • any other electronic devices

Items that are not permitted should be stored in your bag and your bag should be placed in the designated area of the examination hall. All electronic devices must be switched off, do not leave your devices on silent, flight or vibrate mode.


You are allowed to use a calculator in paper one, however it has to be one of the following makes:-

  • Casio MX-8S-WE also known as MX-8S, whilst this model has been discontinued it is still on the approved list
  • Casio MX-8B
  • Aurora HC133
  • Aurora DT210.

If your calculator is not one of the approved makes, you will not be allowed to use it during the exam. You can bring along a spare calculator but it must be on your desk ready for the invigilator to check prior to the exam starting. If your calculator is not on the approved list you will be given two options, you can withdraw from the exam or you can sit the paper without a calculator.

If your calculator is not on the approved list or if your calculator breaks the GPhC will not provide you with a spare calculator.

Photographic ID

You should place your photographic ID on your desk as the invigilators will check this once the exam has begun. Your ID should be signed and must not be out of date. If an invigilator has any queries about your ID you will be asked to stay behind after the post-assessment speeches so that they can clarify your identity. You will not be disturbed during the exam.

Results day

The GPhC will no longer publish a list of successful candidates on their website on results day. In order to comply with GDPR, the GPhC will either notify you by e-mail or by post. If you wish to be notified by e-mail you must register with myGPhC and select your preferred method of  communication. If you do not sign up and choose a preference you will be notified of your result by post and the GPhC cannot guarantee that your letter will arrive on results day. If your results letter is lost in the post the GPhC will not reissue your letter until 2nd August.

No results will be given over the telephone and candidates who wish to receive e-mail notification should sign up before the 21st July deadline.