Applying for pre-registration placements using Oriel

Check out our refreshed fact sheet on applying for pre-registration trainee placements using the Oriel application process reflecting recent updates.

We have just updated our fact sheet giving information about applying for a pre-registration trainee placement using the Oriel application process.

Topics covered include:-

  • eligibility criteria for applicants
  • Oriel recruitment timeline
  • accessing help to complete an application
  • requesting reasonable adjustments
  • selection interviews and assessments
  • offers and upgrades.

International applicantsĀ (non-EEA)

There is also information for international applicants about how to apply for a programme that supports tier 2 visas. International applicants should note that if they select a programme that does not support tier 2 visa requirements, they will not be offered a placement from the programme.

For further information about what is required to support a tier 2 visa application, see our International students (non-EEA) visa requirements for the pre-registration year fact sheet.

Applying for a placement without using Oriel?

Applicants who are looking for a hospital placement will need to use Oriel, however not all community placements will be offered exclusively through Oriel. Many community placements will still be offered in the traditional manner, for example, via job vacancy sites. Equally, some large multiples have opted to use both methods, choosing to advertise some of their placements on the Oriel portal and others via the more traditional methods.

For further information about finding a pre-registration placement, see our Finding a placement fact sheet.

Support for users of the Oriel Application Process

The fact sheet also contains links to a variety of useful resources, including webinars, handbooks and user guides.

For further information, see our Applying for a pre-registration placement using Oriel fact sheet.