2023 impact report highlights enhanced digital access and wellbeing advancements

The charity has released its 2023 Impact Report, showcasing a year of significant growth and development.

The report highlights the charity’s successful investment in digital infrastructure, dramatically increasing efficiency as well as improving access to services and support.

In 2023, visits to the charity’s website surged by 49%, with a 47% increase in pages viewed compared to 2022. This growth is attributed to the enhanced digital presence and a more comprehensive range of information and resources available online. Additionally, calls to the peer support scheme Listening friends, rose by an impressive 74%, facilitated by the introduction of an online referral form. The number of grants awarded also saw a 23% increase, totalling £193,528, thanks to a new online grants portal.

This past year has shown the impact our investment in digital has had, enabling easier access to support, information, and advice, helping more individuals, whilst enabling our charity team to manage demand.
Chair of Pharmacist Support, Esther Sadler-Williams.

Pharmacist Support’s achievements in 2023 extended beyond digital enhancements. The charity expanded its wellbeing support with the development of a new online course titled ‘Embracing a Workplace Wellbeing Culture,’ aimed at pharmacy managers, leaders, and supervisors. Their annual ACTNow wellbeing campaigns flourished, with a 29% growth in sign-ups across the three campaigns targeted at students, trainees, and pharmacists. Other notable service use statistics included an uptick in support calls to their specialist addictions counsellor, reflecting an increasing demand for such services.

To enhance recognition, the charity developed and launched a new video, increasing their presence at various events nationwide and raising sector-wide awareness.

“We were also delighted to increase our pool of volunteers,” added Sadler-Williams “focusing particularly on student ambassadors to help us improve awareness of our services and support to those at the beginning of their pharmacy journey. Alongside the growth in Listening Friends support, the number of volunteer hours recorded in 2023 grew by 70% compared to 2022.”

Support from individuals and organisations across the sector

Sadler-Williams expressed gratitude to key partners, stating, “The donations of our charity partners, the PDA and Teva UK, enabled us to further our mission to support the wellbeing of our pharmacy family. Other support from organisations such as Boots, Locate a Locum, Clinical Pharmacy Congress, RPS, BPSA, CPPE and the Pharmacy Show helped us to develop our campaign activities and enabled us to reach many more individuals.”

Reflecting on the financial challenges, Sadler-Williams noted, “Although we have spent more on counselling, addiction support, and grants than we had planned, the Board was pleased to continue to facilitate support where it is most needed. However, rising inflation has been a challenge, and coupled with the increased demand for our services, we will continue to work to increase donations in order that we can exist for our beneficiaries in perpetuity.”

Positive feedback and recognition

“We are extremely proud of the help we have been able to offer over the past twelve months” said Sadler-Williams. “With 100% of service users saying they would come back to us again if they needed further advice or support in the future, and recognition from our colleagues in the charitable sector in the form of the ‘ACO Small Charity of the Year’ Award, it really brought home to us just what we have been able to achieve.”

The 2023 Impact Report underscores the charity’s dedication to expanding its support in response to need and improving the wellbeing of our pharmacy family. As we look ahead to 2024, Pharmacist Support remains committed to addressing the growing needs of our beneficiaries and continuing to build on the success of the past year.

Read the full 2023 Impact Report