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Workshop feedback

We asked the pharmacists, pre-registration trainees and MPharm students who attended one of our workshops to share some of their experiences of the session. This is what they had to say:

‘Brilliant workshop. Great materials to take away and practical things to do’

‘I loved the way it was delivered. A small group, with very approachable and understanding trainer who delivered the workshop. He knew a lot about pharmacists and their workload, so I liked that it was specific to pharmacy and not generalised’

‘I found it really helpful to hear about my colleagues’ ways of tackling stress and discussing it with the group’

‘The most helpful part of the workshop was learning how important it is to take time for yourself and just enjoy life as the stress is not worth damaging your mental health’

‘It reinforced lots of ways of working that I have used and encouraged me to feel more confident in my approach’

‘Sharing common gripes; trying to see things from other peoples’ perspective’

‘Looking at myself and what I contribute to my own stress as well as what I can control/change’

‘The ABC model was really good. It made me think and look at life and situations in general in a more positive way, keeping the negative thoughts away’

‘I will definitely be using my notebook in my worry period from now on to combat my anxiety and challenge my negative thoughts and control what I can, rather than allowing my worries to build up to a distressing level’

‘It made me realise I’m not alone finding it difficult dealing with stress’

‘It was fun – laughed lots which is therapeutic’

‘Really enjoyed the course, many thanks. I asked my line manager if I could share a tip/ technique with the other Pharmacists at our monthly Business Meeting. I shared the first one about positive attitude last week – I think it went down well!’

‘I think this should be a compulsory part of the MPharm course because there is something to help everyone’

‘Wish I had had this advice 2 year ago’

‘The workshop helped me to appreciate the views of others. I can induce stress in others therefore I need to think about how I behave’

‘I liked the interactive aspect. As the session progressed we all spoke more and were more comfortable explaining how we feel and what we struggle with’

‘Great workshop, please organise more!’

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