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2016 year in review

2016 proved to be an epic year for the profession’s independent charity, Pharmacist Support. In recognition of the organisation’s 175th anniversary year, an array of activity was organised to celebrate this significant milestone and to involve those in the profession in helping raise awareness and funds to support the vital work that we do. This included many firsts for the charity – our first fundraiser recruitment drive, first corporate donation and legacy partnership, first week-long fundraising campaign and the launch of a brand new ambassador scheme too.

In addition to all of this new activity we also continued to receive an increase in requests for assistance, resulting in over 10,000 acts of support being delivered to pharmacists, former pharmacists, trainees and Mpharm students across the year. This included a 35% increase in enquiries (1099 in total) and a 14% increase in referrals to their specialist advisors for advice in debt, benefits and employment law (282 in total). Through a corporate partnership with Boots UK, the charity developed wellbeing training videos that were delivered to all pharmacists at the company. Through this affiliation Pharmacist Support was able to deliver wellbeing support to 16% of registered pharmacists in the UK, as well as to trainees and students.

In recognition of the charity’s anniversary, this year’s review is presented as a short animation. We hope you enjoy it!

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