Trainees need to be registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) in order to be eligible for support.

Click here if you are searching for information, guidance or support specifically for the registration assessment.

Assistance has been provided to trainee pharmacists in a variety of other ways, for example:

  • Where a trainee is experiencing problems on their placement – with a particular member of staff or their tutor – we have provided them with a Listening Friend and with guidance from our specialist employment adviser
  • Where the trainee is struggling with pressures – in the lead up to the registration assessment, if they have failed the assessment, are in between re-sits or are waiting to become registered – we have provided financial assistance, where necessary, to cover priority living expenses, assistance with revision courses and GPhC registration fees
  • Where the trainee has failed the assessment twice, is required by the GPhC to undertake a further six month work placement, is unable to find an employer to take them on or can only find an unpaid position, we have provided emotional support and encouragement via a Listening Friend, benefits and debt advice and financial assistance with priority living costs and bills
  • Where a trainee has failed for a 3rd time, we have provided information on alternative career options.

“I again received financial help from the very thoughtful and wonderful staff at Pharmacist Support. They also provided me with a listening friend and put me in touch with the PDA. This really helped me to pull through until I was registered.”

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