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Women in Pharmacy – Vloggers

Vlogging (video blogging) has become a medium all of its own in the last few years – a platform for anyone with a camera to share their views, hints and tips across a broad range of subjects, including pharmacy. As a film graduate myself, I was intrigued to see how pharmacists were using YouTube to talk about their experiences. What I found online (in the vloggesphere!) were a number of young pharmacists in training sharing personal stories of their student years and study tips. As technology develops and the cost of equipment gets cheaper the way we consume our news changes. Vlogs are fast becoming a popular way to share information and the impact of YouTube is far reaching. Today, hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute.

With International Women’s Day in the spotlight this week, I decided to focus my search on women vloggers in Pharmacy in the UK. Here are just a few that I found interesting.

ThePersianbabe – Barbara, 23, runs a successful YouTube channel with close to 300,000 subscribers. She is currently a practicing Pharmacist and in her vlog below she shares some tips on revising for the pre-registration assessment.

Her other vlogs include videos detailing each individual year of her university experience. You can watch first year, second year, third year  & fourth year vlogs, with an additional vlog at the end of the fourth year.

Dee Babalola is also vlogger that has also posted videos on her pharmacy training. Below, she reflects back on her pre-registration year in 2014.

Other videos include her experiences on the Foreign Graduate Pharmacy Orientation Programme in Nigeria. Click here to view.

TheLegal Drugdealer is a a pre-registration pharmacist. In her vlog below she shares her experiences as a hospital pre-reg trainee.

Other TheLegal Drugdealer videos include an account of hospital pharmacy induction and a retrospective on the interview experience.

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