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Wardley wellbeing workshops – new dates!

Increasing workloads, targets, patient demands, juggling finances, illness – these personal and professional pressures can all contribute to a stressful life!

In a survey carried out by Pharmacist Support of nearly 1000 respondents 45% of pharmacists, 32% of pre-reg trainees and 40% of pharmacy students said they ‘often’ felt stressed and we responded. Our wellbeing workshops are packed with information, tools and techniques to help you recognise the signs and symptoms of stress and deal with everyday pressures. They will help you find a way not only to survive but to thrive!

These workshops are specifically tailored to meet the needs of those in the pharmacy profession and cover:-

  • the science of stress and anxiety and the effects they can have on both you and those around you
  • tips and techniques for when you’re feeling under pressure, including mindfulness and time management
  • tools such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), positive self-reflection and the five ways to wellbeing
  • practical information on the benefits of a positive lifestyle, including diet, exercise and sleeping well.

The sessions will also signpost attendees to further resources and can be counted towards your CPD.

Workshops are free to attend.

Recent attendees told us:

“Wish I had had this advice 2 years ago”

“The workshop helped me to appreciate the view of others. I can induce stress in others therefore I need to think about how I behave”

Wellbeing workshops

For further information contact David Humphrey on 0161 441 0811


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