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Trustees’ Week 2018

Trustees’ Week is an annual event to showcase the great work that trustees do and highlight opportunities for people from all walks of life to get involved and make a difference.

About Charity Trustees

Charity trustees are the people who share ultimate responsibility for governing a charity and directing how it is managed and run.  Their duties are to:

  • ensure the charity is carrying out its purposes for the public benefit
  • comply with the charity’s governing document and the law
  • act in the charity’s best interests
  • manage the charity’s resources responsibly
  • act with reasonable care and skill
  • ensure the charity is accountable.

There are roughly 196,000 charities in the UK with just over 1 million trustees. Here at PS our board consists of nine Trustees – six pharmacist trustees, three lay trustees. You can find a list of our trustees here.

Why get involved?

In recognition of this awareness week, we got in touch with our trustees to ask them why they wanted to volunteer for the charity and what they enjoyed most about their role. Here’s what they had to say!

Anita Cawley, Chair:

“Pharmacy today is very different to the profession I joined 25 years ago. Being a trustee allows me to give back to the profession I love and support both those who have worked alongside me as well as the pharmacists of the future. Taking every opportunity to make a difference is what’s so rewarding”

Esther Sadler-Williams, Trustee:

“As a pharmacist who has worked in many facets of pharmacy and being appreciative of the opportunities given to me,  I really wanted to be able to play an active role in supporting those members of the profession who have cared for others when they need help themselves. I truly appreciate the commitment of the staff team and volunteers.  I love hearing those success stories appreciating that even a small level of support can make such a difference to a person’s life.”

Catherine Harper, Trustee:

“I was motivated to become a trustee, as I had received life-changing support from the charity at a very difficult time. Best part of the role? Working with a fantastic team of staff and trustees.”


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