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Top Ten Wellbeing Tips

Wellbeing can simply be defined as the state of being comfortable, healthy, feeling good and functioning well.  It is a combination of enjoying what we do each day, ensuring we are surrounded by people we trust and care for, being financially secure, being in good physical health and taking pride in our contribution to the local community.

At our recent wellbeing workshops we asked attendees to tell us what fills up their wellbeing. We’ve put together a top ten based on their responses:

1. Being spontaneous: living in the moment and seizing opportunities as they arise
2. Participating in after work activity: it helps clear the head and work the body. Sometimes the brain fools you into thinking you’re too tired to do anything but after that first 10 minutes of activity the endorphins kick in and you start to feel energised
3. Enjoying good food: Collecting food from an allotment, cooking it up and sharing it with friends is so rewarding!
4. Quality me time: a hot bath, night in with a good film, favourite coffee shop with a good book – doing something you love just for you brings pleasure!
5. Enjoying nature: walks in the country, gardening, a visit to the park, some fresh flowers in the house, sunshine, moonlight – they all give you a boost and help focus the mind elsewhere
6. Being creative: baking, DIY, making cards, learning a new skill, knitting, trying out a new recipe. Creating things is so satisfying, being able to share what you’ve made with friends and family more so!
7. A good night’s sleep: switch off screens an hour before bed, read, take a bath, have a warm drink, dump the day (write down or talk through what went on in your day so that you can leave it behind)
8. Engaging with people: getting together with a few friends, enjoying some favourite food and putting the world to rights. Talking it through can sometimes help put things into perspective
9. Taking control of finances: hiding from bank statements? Learning to budget can help manage available spend and pay off those overwhelming debts giving a greater sense of control. Don’t live in fear of a card being rejected!
10. Doing a good deed: making coffee for people at work, shopping for a sick friend, smiling at a person on the street, a random act of kindness – it’s amazing how good that makes you feel

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