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Time to be Assertive and Resilient!

Introducing our new wellbeing workshops!

Following months of research and trials, we’re now ready to launch our new wellbeing workshops! So, we sat down with our Wellbeing Officer David Humphrey for a chat about these latest developments.



Pharmacist support wellbeing workshopsI’ve been in post now for over a year and in this time have coordinated over 40 Wardley wellbeing workshops for Pharmacist Support. I have found it really rewarding, working with a variety of organisations, including universities, local pharmacies and pharmacist groups, large multiples and pharmaceutical companies across the country, helping more than 1,200 pharmacists, trainees and students reduce their stress levels and improve their wellbeing!

Over this time we’ve been monitoring workshop feedback and tweaking content and have been delighted at the response we’ve received to this service offering. One thing that did crop up in feedback was that people wanted to explore in a little more detail some of the key wellbeing areas covered. So, in response to this request, we have spent the past six months researching and developing new content. We are now pleased to launch three brand new workshops focusing on  Assertiveness, Resilience and Time Management.

They cover a range of tried and tested tools, techniques and ideas, with activities including case studies, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and group discussion to help equip those in the profession to build the resilience and confidence they need to deal with the day-to-day and unexpected stresses of pharmacy. I hope the new sessions will enable attendees to explore these aspects of managing their wellbeing in more detail.

If you have already attended our Introduction to Wellbeing workshop, these three new sessions are an ideal next step, but they are also perfectly accessible for anyone new to the service. The workshops can be tailored to your specific requirements, depending on your venue, schedule and any particular emphasis you require in the content. Plus, our support does not end there. As mentioned, part of my role involves the monitoring and evaluation of the service and I conduct follow-up support with all attendees via email and can supply a Certificate of Attendance, that, for pharmacists, can be used as part of your CPD.

The Wardley wellbeing workshops now available are:

  1. Introduction to Wellbeing
  2. Introduction to Assertiveness
  3. Stress Management and Building Resilience
  4. Time Management

We work with a team of trainers who can deliver workshops at venues convenient to you, your students/colleagues or employees across Great Britain. 

To chat in more detail about any of these sessions, please do drop me a line or give me a call on or 0161 441 0811

NB A minimum of 15 attendees is required to confirm a booking.

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