Bake Sale

Guide to holding the perfect bake sale

Here you will find everything you need to put on an irresistible bake sale.  There’s a couple of tried and tested recipes with some pointers to make sure it’s fun, easy to organise and raises lots of money.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun so good luck and be sure not to eat ingredients before they even make it into the mixing bowl!

Here are a few pointers to make sure your bake sale runs smoothly

  • get colleagues, family and friends in on the fun. Whether it’s as bonus bakers or extra pairs of hands on the day, the more the merrier!
  • pick a venue that you can use for free, such as your work, local sports centre, place of worship or community hall
  • as soon as you’ve settled on your venue, pick a date and a time. It’s best to hold your bake sale when people might fancy a wee nibble on something sweet for example elevenses or afternoon tea at 3pm are always good
  • get the word out about your bake sale well in advance. Download one of our GoGreen Event Poster here
  • remember to bring containers (such as paper plates, napkins and sandwich bags) to cater for those want a takeaway treat. People are likely to buy more if they can carry their cakes home
  • sell extra refreshments, such as tea, coffee and soft drinks on the side to top-up your total
  • make sure you provide a list of ingredients for people with dietary requirements and label cakes that are vegetarian/vegan, nut or gluten free to appeal to those with allergies
  • take enough change to give to buyers from the start (a float). It also helps if you price your cake in round numbers
  • decorate your cake tables, with our downloadable Bunting and be sure to download our Collection Box to encourage people to part with their pennies

Here are a few simple extra things you can do to maximise both the fundraising and fun-levels of your bake sale

  • make recipe cards and sell them alongside your treats
  • generate a buzz with a lucky cupcake. Ask a local business to donate a prize, add a sticker to the bottom of a cupcake, then whoever picks that cupcake will win the prize
  • fill a jar with cookies or sweets and get everyone to pay to guess how many there are. Whoever’s closest gets to walk away with the goodies!
  • hold a pay-to-play ‘guess the weight of the cake’ competition for some light hearted fun
  • for a little extra, offer a cake-decorating and personalised-cupcake service for customers
  • if you’re baking with others, why not get a little competitive and see who can raise the most? You could even have a taste test to see ‘who’s the baking boss’.  Then, share on social media remembering to tag us in @pharmasupport
  • you could combine your bake sale with other fundraising, like a quiz, sponsored challenge or clothes swap.

Why not try out one or more of our yummy recipes

For help promoting your bake sale download our Bunting, #GoGreen4PS Event Poster,  Collection Box and other resources.

You can encourage people to donate by text!  It’s easy, simply text PHARMA20  70970  to donate £5 or PHARMA20 to 70191 to donate £10 and and remember to share and tweet @pharmasupport.