Birdsgrove House In Memory Fund

Many find that making a donation in memory of a loved one is a positive and meaningful way to commemorate their life while supporting a charity they cared about and within a profession to which they were proud to belong.  Instead of giving flowers, families and friends often ask that donations in memory be sent to the charity he or she supported during their life.

The Birdsgrove House in Memory Fund allows you to remember your loved one by creating a personalised online memorial in their name.  Friends and family can make donations, share memories and pictures on special anniversaries and leave their tributes when they donate creating a lasting memory.  Pharmacist Support is grateful to those who have collected in memory donations to help others within the profession.

There are a number of ways to make a donation in memory of a loved one:

About Birdsgrove House

Many of you will remember the days of Birdsgrove House, a place of recuperation, run by the charity as a convalescent home. Here pharmacists could rest up in the property’s tranquil surroundings, which many visitors considered to be a haven. In later years however, demand for convalescence facilities steadily declined and to support the maintenance and running costs of Birdsgrove House, additional sources of income were explored.

Eventually, in 2006 with the property falling into disrepair and renovation costs escalating, the difficult decision was taken to sell Birdsgrove House and re-invest the proceeds back into the charity. Despite the loss of the home, the charity continues to provide assistance, where needed, to those in the profession seeking support following an illness, or facing debilitating conditions. In some cases the charity will provide holiday grants for the individual and their families (usually carers) in much need of a break from their everyday surroundings.

Birdsgrove House is a place that is fondly remembered by many pharmacists and through the Birdsgrove House In Memory Fund we will honour those memories, as well as those of your loved ones and those you wish to remember.

Funds donated to the Birdsgrove House In Memory Fund will help support our services. Should Pharmacist Support be the charity you wish to see recognised you can download a form here to keep with your will. Alternatively we can post a copy out to you.

Where possible we acknowledge gifts, and if applicable or indicated otherwise, will notify the next of kin of your generosity. For your privacy, however, we will not disclose the amount gifted.

If you would like to receive further information or talk to us about leaving a gift in memory, call us on 0161 441 0317 or email us at

See how your donation could help others in need. Click here to read the stories of those we’ve been able to support.


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