Fundraising ideas

Whether you’re making an individual commitment, or you’d like to raise funds collectively as a group or workplace, there are lots of ways you can get involved.

Short of fundraising ideas?

Check out our list of ideas to get you started on your fundraising journey with our A – Z fundraising ideas and inspiration.

Ways to fundraise safely after the pandemic

The pandemic has reduced the options for many traditional fundraising activities for now. So, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing! Whatever you choose to do, make sure you’re keeping safe.

Put a hobby or talent to good use
You may be a keen baker or crafter and wish to share your creations with your friends and colleagues – for a donation of course!

Get active outdoors
Perhaps you’ve always wanted to climb a mountain or start running – this may be the push you need to set yourself a challenge.

Team coffee and catch up
Do you and your team usually pop to the local cafe for a cuppa? Get the whole team on board by pledging to donate your usual cafe expenses whilst still taking the time to connect and catch up over a cuppa at work.

Coin hunt
See how much you can find (down the sofa, in coat pockets and old bags you haven’t used for a while!) on a coin hunt around the house. Then round it up to the nearest pound and donate.

Virtual pub quiz
If you haven’t got ‘quiz fatigue’ then they’re a fun and simple way to raise money. You could ask all contestants to donate £5 each and the winner gets 50% and the other 50% is donated to our charity.

Virtual fundraisers
What about an online disco, fitness class, or a skill-swapping workshop (baking, languages, botany, DIY, knitting, the list is endless!). Simply charge a fee for your workshop and donate the total amount once it’s finished.