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Student Ambassador Profile – Juhi Rathor

Juhi is a 3rd year student at the University of Reading. Here she tells us why she wanted to become a volunteer PS Student Ambassador and why she would encourage her fellow students at Reading Uni to volunteer for PS too!

Tell us a little about yourself and your Pharmacy School

I am a third year Pharmacy student at the University of Reading. During my free time I like to hang out with my mates and eat lots of food, including pizza (because who doesn’t love pizza?!). Reading is such a fantastic place to be – not only are the lecturers so friendly and approachable, but the campus is so beautiful! What’s more, the student’s union always offers something to do, so there’s never a dull moment. The course here is engaging and challenging, and there’s always help and support available when we need it.

Why did you decide to become a Pharmacist Support Student Ambassador?

I attended a Local Practice Forum in my area which held a wellbeing workshop run by Pharmacist Support. This was such a useful session to attend as it taught me the different ways I can manage stress in my daily life and how I can improve my wellbeing for a positive lifestyle. It taught me that, even though I will be caring for patients in the future, I still need to be looking after myself too. Having had a positive impact on me, I wanted others to also benefit from this and the other amazing services they provide. This is why I decided to become a Student Ambassador; to raise an awareness of the charity and the amazing work they do to help others.

What fundraising activities have you organised or have you got planned?

I am currently planning to do a Green day where students and lectures wear something green to represent the charity and raise money through that. I am also looking forward to doing lots of bake sales and other exciting projects!

Why is the charity important to you?

The charity helps pharmacists,  pre-reg trainees, pharmacy students, and their family members face difficult situations that they may encounter in their lives, giving them the support and guidance that they desperately need. I especially value the support that they provide to students, such as the hardship grants for those struggling to make ends meet.

Why do you think others should sign up to become PS Student Ambassadors?

It is such a great cause to raise money for! By becoming a PS Student Ambassador, you can help Pharmacist Support to continue providing essential support services that have already helped so many people. It is also a good way to make other students aware of the charity, especially the support available for students too (which many students are unaware of!).

Are you a student at the University of Reading?  Wanna join Juhi as a PS Student Ambassador?  Contact Emma on 0161-441-0317  or 

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