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Stressful times are unavoidable

We all have a different threshold and different triggers for stress. Some of us have the ability to deal with a vast amount of pressure before we crumble but for others the mere thought of an exam or an essay deadline sends us into panic.

Whatever our personality type or whatever our stress threshold stressful times are unavoidable and we don’t always know when they are going to hit. Life has a habit of  unexpectedly challenging us – a relationship that breaks down that you thought would last forever, a parent becoming ill who you thought was invincible, unexpected financial demands, difficult working relationships, the list goes on!

Wellbeing resources

At Pharmacist Support we are no strangers to these and other issues. Through enquiries, survey responses and discussions you have shared with us the causes of your stress and we have used this knowledge to develop a wellbeing service.

This service consists of a series of workshops and online support tools that cover the science of stress and anxiety, their signs and symptoms, and equips people with tools and techniques to help them deal with feelings of pressure. The workshops run for around three hours and encourage attendees to take control of their wellbeing. Being able to work in a small group environment often helps attendees understand that these feelings are not unique to them and reminds them that they are not alone.

“It is important for students to gain outside perspective! Sometimes it feels like I am in a big black hole of uni doom but I forget there is more to life than uni and pharmacy. It is also great to know there is a charity there that will help and support me through it all when I have issues. Definitely beneficial and would recommend to others. I found the session very interesting and the trainer engaging – I feel less stressed already!”

More than a workshop

We don’t profess to solve all problems in three hours, change takes time. We need to learn new habits and find different techniques for dealing with situations. Some of these take practice, like mindfulness for example. Learning to focus on the moment, not looking forwards or backwards but just experiencing the here and now can take a bit of discipline and getting used to but once learnt brings the benefits of being able to find a tranquil moment in the middle of a frenetic situation.

Changing our thought process doesn’t come naturally either. You have to train yourself to think about things in a different way, to stop that negative thought before it drags you down and to consider an alternative perspective. But once absorbed these new techniques last a life time.

With this in mind the workshops are backed up with notes, fact sheets, webinars, and links to other specialist organisations that can all contribute to promoting positive wellbeing.

“The most helpful part of the workshop was learning how important it is to take time for yourself and just enjoy life – stress can end up damaging your mental health”

The charity is travelling to universities across Great Britain to run these wellbeing workshop sessions. Our first stop this term is Bradford! To find out when we are at your university contact our Wellbeing Officer, 0161 441 0811

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