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See James fly

Look up, way up, 10,000 feet up on September 29th and you may see James freefalling from a plane.

James Mansfield, our information officer’s “very special little sailor” has kindly volunteered to plummet from a plane in order to raise money for Pharmacist Support.

James sailor

James had not realised how stressful pharmacy could be, however since his mum started work at Pharmacist Support he has become more aware of the unique challenges that pharmacists face on a daily basis.

He is happy to be able to support our charitable work in a fun way; in fact, for James skydiving is the perfect challenge as according to his mum James began to display his love of high speed thrills and adventure at a very early age.

James t

Be it planes, trains or boats, James has always been up for a challenge.

James b

Cheering him on would be appreciated (but barely audible at 10,000 ft.), however, making a donation to his Justgiving page will certainly help cushion the fall! Click here to show your support and help James to fly.

If you would like to take on a charity skydiving challenge there are a number of airfields to choose from. To find out more click here.

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