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The RPS President’s nominated charity

On the 14th April at an event celebrating the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s (RPS) 175th anniversary year, RPS president Ash Soni announced Pharmacist Support as his ‘President’s Charity’ for 2016.

“Both the RPS and Pharmacist Support have the same origin and are both 175 years old. Historically, before the separation of RPSGB into separate regulator and professional bodies there was a recognised relationship between the two. It is important to re-establish that relationship and recognise our parallel responsibilities for professionals. Pharmacist Support is the only support group specifically there for all of us which can support us in a time of need.”

Over the coming months we look forward to working with Ash to enhance the positive links between our two organisations and look forward to developing new connections through our presence at the RPS Fellows’ 10th Annual Dinner in May. Together we aim to raise awareness of the free and confidential support we provide to those in the profession and to raise valuable funds to ensure that this support is available to those in need long into the future.

“They say charity begins at home” said Ash “and this is our home charity so should be the first choice for all of us as none of us ever know when we may be in need and grateful for Pharmacist Support being there for any one of us.”

Juggling many roles – as President of the RPS, owner of two community pharmacies, LPN Pharmacy Chair for London and the Clinical Network Lead for pharmacy in Lambeth CCG – we asked Ash what he does to manages his own stress levels.

“Being able to speak to someone as a mentor is important but being a mentor also helps me as I can see my own challenges as well as the challenges that others are facing. For me these add perspective and make me more reflective. This makes it easier to identify times and incidences of stress, but then helps me to unload it. If all else fails I find that going to the gym and having a really intense workout leaves me too tired to stay stressed!”

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