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Returning to the GPhC register: new training event

A new training event to complement their existing Return to Practice course has been launched by the Centre for Postgraduate Education (CPPE). The first event takes place on 21 March 2013 and is free to attend. With effect from October 2012 all applicants wishing to return to the register after an absence of more than twelve months are now required to submit a portfolio of evidence to the GPhC. The portfolio must map applicantsā€™ current competence against the core standards for all registrants, namely conduct, ethics and performance.

The CPPE have identified the compilation of the portfolio as being a significant barrier for many applicants hoping to return to the register. With this in mind, the new event should enable applicants to assess confidently their own knowledge, skills and behaviours and also begin compiling a portfolio of evidence to support their application for registration. The materials for the event have been endorsed by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the GPhC is aware of the event.

Further information is available on theĀ CPPE website.

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