Our Impact on Addiction (2010-2017)

The Addiction Support programme supports those who are affected by dependency on, for example, alcohol, drugs and gambling or who have developed addictive relationships with many different behaviours, including eating, gambling and sex.

Since 2010 we have supported 205 people seeking help with addiction.  26 of these have accessed residential treatment.

Our addiction support service helps to enable pharmacists to deal with their health issue, return to work whether as a pharmacist or in a different career and perform effectively. They can continue to manage their own life and be a contributing member of society.

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“At this point I contacted PS.  I was referred to the Addiction Support Programme and following assessment was admitted into a residential treatment programme, largely funded by Pharmacist Support; literally saving my life. I cannot express in words my eternal gratitude to PS for the complete, invaluable one stop care that is provided to pharmacists and their families.”