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Our highlights from 2018

As 2018 draws to a close we begin to reflect on the year that has been – a year of change for us here at PS, following the departure of our Chief Exec, but also one filled with many great achievements. I had a chat with some of the team in the office to see what their highlights were!

Kate (Marketing Manager):


“Seeing our Triplet riders on their triplet bike for the first time at the Clinical Pharmacy Congress. We really were inspired by their efforts and commitment to raising funds – that went as far as leg waxing live on the stand! The support they received from colleagues was also overwhelming raising an impressive £7k for their chosen charity’s!”

Emma (Fundraiser):

“So where to start, there have been a good few highlights of the year for me.  I think first is how people really got into doing Charity Challenges – we had the triplet bike ride, sky divers, marathon runners, triathlon participants and English Channel swimmers to name just a few. The #WheelieBigChallenge really seemed to work!

“The other highlight for me was seeing the Student Ambassador scheme grow this year.  We recruited our first few Student Ambassadors a year ago and now we have 55 Student Ambassadors at 17 universities, all promoting PS and more importantly raising money for the charity. It was brilliant to see them get involved in #GoGreen4PS this year!”

Olly (me – Marketing and Communications Administrator):

“The “Volunteers Together” event that we held in June was a great experience and an opportunity to speak to many of our volunteers, to see how passionate, empathetic and generally amazing they are. It’s great to see how much they care for their profession and those in it! On top of that, I’d say the way that everyone took our #GoGreen4PS campaign and ran with it. It was such a great feeling to see everyone engage on social media and then get involved. It’s been a great and memorable year.”

Riven (Enquiries Officer):

“My personal highlight was becoming a permanent employee of Pharmacist Support! It’s an interesting and rewarding job and I get to work with a great bunch of people of course!”

David (Wellbeing Officer):

“This year I really enjoyed attending the RPS “No Health without Mental Health” Launch at the House of Commons on 6th June. It was my first time going there, and it was a real honour to represent the charity. Also proud of increasing the number of workshops we’ve been able to deliver – 82 workshops to over 3500 attendees – our highest figures to date!”

So there you have it folks – some of our highlights from 2018. If you’ve got a Charity highlight then why not share it with us on social media using the hashtag #PSHighlight2018!

See you on the other side!

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