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ORIEL Pre-registration Placement Offers

Oriel pre-reg pharmacy

Students who have applied for a pre-registration placement using the ORIEL system will begin to be notified of offers via email as of 7th November. It is recommended that all students monitor their ORIEL and e-mail accounts closely to ensure that a notification of an offer is not missed.

What happens if I accept an offer?

If you have received a notification of an offer you have 48 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays) to accept or decline the offer. If you accept an offer that was not your first preference you can then choose to opt in to upgrades. This means that at any point during the offer window, which runs from 7th November to 15th December, you could potentially receive a further offer, ranked higher in your preferences, than the one you have already accepted.

What happens if I decline an offer? 

Students should think very carefully before declining an offer. Once declined you will be removed from the system, and will not be eligible to receive any subsequent offers. Students should seek advice before declining an offer, as it may be preferable to accept the offer and opt in to upgrades as this could potentially lead to a better offer at a later stage. Students can seek advice from any of the following organisations:-

What happens if I receive an upgrade that I don’t want?

If you opt in to upgrades, and an upgrade becomes available you will not be able to decline the upgrade, even if you decide that you don’t want it and would rather stick with your original offer. Your upgrade will only come from your original list of preferences and will only be made if one of the programmes that you preferenced more highly than your current offer becomes available.

I chose the upgrade option, can I change my mind?

Yes, you can chose to opt out of the upgrade system at any point up until the upgrade deadline has passed. The upgrade deadline is 22nd November. However, please bear in mind that you can only opt out if an upgrade has not already been identified and offered to you. Upgrades will automatically replace any initial offer made.

Why haven’t I received an offer yet?

If you haven’t received an offer yet try not to panic. There is plenty of time. Keep an eye on your email and ORIEL accounts so as not to accidentally miss a notification. If an offer expires you will automatically be removed from the ORIEL process. Offers can be made up to the closing date of 15th December.

What happens when my offer has been accepted?

Information about successful applicants will be passed on to employers after the 31st January 2018. You should not attempt to contact your potential employer before this date. All offers will be subject to pre-employment checks such as an occupational health check and appropriate references. These checks will normally be done 3-6 months prior to the training start date.

We recommend that all students have a look at our Pre-registration employment contracts fact sheet prior to signing any contract of employment.

Further information on the ORIEL system can be found in the Preregistration Pharmacy Recruitment Applicant Guide 2017-18 that can be found on the ORIEL website.

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