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Now booking: Wellbeing Workshops for 2016 & 2017

Our wellbeing workshops have had a significant impact since launching in 2014. So far this year we have helped over 1000 students, pre-reg trainees and pharmacists across GB manage their wellbeing. We want to help you and your organisation too.

Professional trainers will guide you through a number of exercises to help with managing stress, prioritizing workload, being more assertive, positive thinking and relaxation. Plus these sessions also count towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Choose from a:

1-hour taster session

2-hour Introduction to Wellbeing

Comments from attendees:

“Great, very engaging, motivational and inspiring”

Thanks so much for attending.  A pharmacist’s role is a stressful one so they will need these tips and techniques moving forward”

Workshops are free and confidential. We’ll handle your booking and make sure everything runs smoothly. Please contact David, our Wellbeing Officer on 0161 441 0811 or for more information or to book your session.

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