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Come together and join TEAMGreen

Pharmacist Support is calling on those in their pharmacy family to help them to continue to provide their essential free and confidential services by joining TEAMGreen and ...

Help shape our wellbeing support

How did you find our ACTNow campaign? Did you access our ACTNow wellbeing hub or sign up to receive our weekly wellbeing ACTNow emails? Help us shape our future wellbeing ...

The provisional register

The GPhC has formally announced that there will be a provisional register for pre-registration trainees who are currently undertaking their pre-registration training. Who can ...

Charity launches New Wellbeing Campaign

The ACTNow campaign will run until the end of August and hopes to support those working and studying in the pharmacy profession to prioritise their own mental health and wellbeing

Managing Wellbeing during COVID 19

During this difficult time, we want to help you protect your own mental health and wellbeing. It’s hard to try and think about ourselves at this time, but it is crucial.