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New year, new wellbeing workshop focus!

Wellbeing workshop

Wellbeing is a natural focus for many at the start of a new year, so we’re very excited to be delivering 11 workshops in February for Boots, Nottingham University and the University of East Anglia. These sessions provide just what you need to set yourself up for a rewarding and fulfilling year ahead!

We are building on our successful 2016 programme during which we helped over 1500 pharmacists, pre-registration trainees and Mpharm students. We continue to receive positive feedback from workshop attendees who tell us they leave the sessions feeling better equipped to deal with the everyday stress and anxiety that is unfortunately common among those in pharmacy.

Three new workshop sessions

In response to many requests for additional and more  in-depth material, we are pleased to announce that later this year we plan to roll out new workshop sessions. These will focus on three specific areas – time management, building resilience and assertiveness. We hope this will provide a broader choice of topics both to those who have already experienced one of our general wellbeing sessions and also those new to our services.

If you or your organisation would like to host a workshop please get in touch on 0161 441 0811 or email and we’ll be more than happy to help.

NB Workshops can be tailored to group size (although we require a minimum of 15 people to secure a booking) and usually last either 1 or 2 hours (again they can be tailored to requirement).

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