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New approach to CPD

The GPhC is in the process of developing a new approach to CPD for pharmacy professionals. The regulator is currently engaging with a wide number of stakeholders, including both groups and individuals, to assist in the development of refreshed CPD practices that are also future proof. There are some interesting and innovative changes being considered.

The pharmacy regulator is leading the way to ensure that the pharmacy profession achieves a system that enhances and develops the current CPD procedure. The aim is to move beyond an illustration of knowledge to encompass new aspects that are likely to include reflective discussions with other professionals and collecting and reviewing evidence from practice. This is intended to provide a more robust illustration of how engagement with professional development activities impacts upon patients and service users.

Osama Ammar, Head of Continuing Fitness to Practise at the GPhC, who is leading the work, said “We are working hard to make sure that we develop CPD in a way that is meaningful to pharmacy professionals no matter their role or setting of practice and focuses on the outcomes that are achieved for patients and public. This means we want to consult with and work alongside the sector and service users to design, test, pilot and implement any new arrangements.”

There are some bold changes under discussion that will be explored in early testing due to get underway in the coming weeks. The regulator is very keen to build upon the current practice to support the development of pharmacy professionals, whilst also aiming to improve its systems to give a more interactive experience that will ultimately reflect the committed professionalism of its registrants. To find out more, please click here.

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