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The National Student Bursary Scheme – A look back

With the Pharmacist Support Student Bursary panel now in the process of assessing applications for the 2017/18 academic year, we take a look back at how the award has helped some of our previous recipients.


“I have learnt that being an mpharm student is challenging enough without any rare conditions. But actually everyone has problems in life and this financial support will allow me to tackle my problems. I can now afford to purchase an ipad meaning I can study in bed to avoid more back pain. I strongly believe it’s important for me to become an active member of society and value different disabilities. I hope to use this money to invest in my learning and then become an excellent pharmacist that can deliver effective consultations and help patients understand the need for medication, as I understand the impact of living with a long term condition.”  


“The pharmacist support bursary has completely changed my time at university. The first two years were spent trying to juggle university with work commitments and deadlines. I was constantly having to miss non-compulsory activities on the course and always finding myself catching up on work. I also had no time to spend at university outside of lectures and seminars meaning no time for engaging with university life.”


“I was almost not going to apply because I didn’t feel like I deserved it enough until my lecturer, who had been aware of my situation, encouraged me to do so. It is easy to think that your own difficulties are insignificant, but they almost certainly aren’t.”


“I am very grateful for this support. The bursary enabled me not to worry about money but channel all my energy into my studies to ensure successful completion of my pharmacy degree. It enabled me to provide for myself and my family.”


“The bursary has helped to cover my travel expenses and ensured that I can attend all my lectures, seminars and workshops and also now purchase key textbooks. Having extra financial support really does make a big difference as it means that you do not have to worry about the smaller things such as travel expenses, food costs etc. and enables you to focus on your degree and pre-registration year.”


“Throughout my degree just like many others I’ve had to balance the need to work to earn money with the need to study to succeed. This bursary has allowed me to plan my budget and even more importantly to dramatically reduce the hours I work.  My financial situation meant that I worked four out of seven nights a week, often attending university from 9 – 5pm and working from 6:30pm until the bar closed at 1:30am. Having worked so hard to get on to a pharmacy degree and then to get to the fourth year, it would have been devastating if the need to work so many hours in my job had compromised my grades or even caused me to fail my final year.”

Daniel Jones Buttercups PharmacyWe were delighted to hear that having successfully completed his MPharm degree course Daniel went on to win the Buttercups training Pre-registration Trainee of the Year Award.

Since piloting the bursary scheme in 2014, Pharmacist Support has made 24 Awards of up to £5,000 to Mpharm students entering their final year of study who have demonstrated financial hardship, outstanding and exceptional qualities to overcome an ongoing adversity and who are expected by their school of pharmacy to make a positive and excellent contribution to pharmacy in Great Britain. Details of our 2017 recipients will be released in June. For further information on the National Student Bursary Scheme, click here.

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