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Hero Profile: Stuart Thomas

Stuart has been working for the Pharmaceutical Journal for over a decade, working closely with us for a good deal of that time! Stuart is well on his way to completing his 425 mile challenge over 4 bike rides! So far he has raised £180!

Why did you decide to become a 175 Hero?

How could I resist the opportunity to raise money for a really worthwhile charity who directly benefit Pharmacists, who are of course readers of The PJ (both past and present).

What has your hero fundraising involved?

A series of 100+ mile bike rides – Lincoln Sportive at the end of May (103 miles), London Sportive at the end of June (110 miles) and Ride London at the end of July (103 miles)

Congratulations on completing your summer cycling shenanigans! How did you feel when you finally finished your last bike ride?

Elated!  Ride London was such a great experience.  The biggest cycling event in Europe and one I hope to repeat again next year (and the year after that etc. etc.)

Did you have a specific time goal in mind to complete the 425 miles in? How did  you monitor this, and did you do better/worse than you wanted?

I actually hit a stumbling block on ride number 3.  An unanticipated visit from my eldest brother who lives overseas.  He arrived the day before the ‘Dunwuch Dynamo’ – the 125mile night ride from London to Dunwich.  So I missed this event unfortunately.  A shame as was a balmy evening with little or no wind!

Would you do it again? Do you have anything else planned?

Definitely!  I may be entered into another 100-miler at the end of September.  This will make up the 425 miles!!

You’ve raised a fantastic amount of £180! What would you like to say to everyone who has sponsored you?

Thank you to all! You’ve supported a great charity who do great work.

Why is the charity important to you?

Because the staff are a great bunch of people who tirelessly do a huge amount of great work!

Why do you think others should join the Pharmacist Support #175Hero Team?

Why not?  You get a groovy green tee shirt for one!  And you get to show support (while wearing your pants outside of your trousers if you wish!) to a great charity.


Stu Hero Medal

Fancy joining Stuart and becoming a #175Hero? Contact Emma Peate on 0161 441 0317 or 
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