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Hero Profile: Marc Donovan

Marc Donovan is running 175 miles (not all in one go) for Pharmacist Support!

Marc has been a pharmacist for almost 20 years, working for both Boots and the NHS as a prescribing advisor. He is a director of PSNC and the CCA and a board member of Community Pharmacy Wales as well as being independent prescriber, specialising in cardiovascular disease. Currently, Marc is the Chief Pharmacist for Boots…and of course is now a hero!

Why did you decide to be come a 175 Hero?

Pharmacist Support is a great charity that I know helps many pharmacists and pre-regs throughout their careers, in many different ways. I wanted to support raising their profile so that more people can access their resources, as well as be aware of the services that they can access through the charity.

What hero fundraising activities have you done/got planned?

Pharmacist Support was the nominated charity for our recent Boots Pre-reg conference, and I have committed to run 175miles to raise funds. I’m taking it easy, because my knees are not great, but I am up to 150miles so far, including Gung-ho which was great fun!

Why is the charity important to you?

I am a big supporter of charities who provide mental health support services. I also see the value in wellbeing and people learning tools and approaches to help them support their own wellbeing. I understand the pressures that some pharmacists are under and the more we can get people to understand and learn about some of the tools that will help, the better.

Why do you think others should join the Pharmacist Support #175Hero team?

Pharmacist Support is a great charity. Raising money will help Pharmacist Support do more great things for pharmacists and their families, as well as raise awareness. Whatever people do, I’d encourage them to make it fun…it helps with wellbeing!


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