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Hero Profile – Herpreet Sharma from Buttercups Pre-Reg Training

Herpreet is a pre-registration tutor and one of our company Ambassadors at Buttercups Training Ltd, which is based in Nottingham. She loves her role and is very passionate about ensuring that the new generation of pharmacists become aware of the massive impact they can have on the community they serve. In turn making a healthier nation and encouraging patients to take charge of their own health. She is also a mum of a three year old girl who keeps her on her toes! Here she tells us why she and a merry group of our Buttercups Ambassadors decided to get their walking boots on to raise money for Pharmacist Support.

Why did you decide to become a  Pharmacist Support Fundraising Hero?

We wanted to do something which provided value to people within the profession. We have to help one another in this profession and this was the way we decided to get involved.

What hero fundraising activities did you do?

We climbed Mount Snowdon on 29th September 2018 in a bid to raise as much money as we could for Pharmacist Support!

Why is the charity important to you?

The charity is important to me as I have experienced first hand how much pressure the profession is under. Every day we do our best to make sure all of our patients get what they need as quickly as we can get it to them, whether it’s their delivery, medication or advice.

Pharmacist Support gives the profession an avenue to get support in order for us to be able to fulfil our role to the best of our ability. It’s even more valuable as a support tool because of the fact that the charity can provide advice and guidance from pre-registration to passed retirement.

Buttercups conquered Snowdon and have raised an amazing £710.83 for the charity.  You can add to their total on their JustGiving page here.


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