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Hero Profile: Gill Hawksworth

Gill Hawksworth is past president of the RPS, RPS West Yorkshire Local Practice Forum Lead and Chair of the RPS Panel of Fellows. Gill has been a long standing supporter of the charity and was delighted to be able to welcome Pharmacist Support to the RPS Fellows dinner in May 2016 as their chosen charity.

“Pharmacist Support had an excellent display of memorabilia on their stand at the Fellows dinner with lots of photographs of Birdsgrove house and a book which listed all the gifts from what were local branches.”

Why did you decide to become a 175 Hero?

I announced at the RPS Fellows dinner in May 2016 that I will be raising money on behalf of the RPS Fellows for Pharmacist support, as it is the RPS President’s charity as well as being supported by the Fellows.

What hero fundraising activities do you have planned?

I pledge to swim 1.75 miles which is 113 lengths of my local pool to raise a minimum of £175, through sponsorship, for the 175th anniversary.

Why is the charity important to you?

Pharmacist Support is dear to my heart as Birdsgrove house and the Benevolent Fund featured a lot in what was my local branch – Huddersfield – which donated the piano to Birdsgrove house and raised money for them in a variety of ways. My personal contribution to raising money in those days was always by doing a sponsored swim, so I intend to be a 175 hero in the same way all these years later.

Why do you think others should join the Pharmacist Suport #175Hero Team?

I am pleased that I am able to join a host of others who recognise the importance of raising money for this excellent charity, that I know has benefitted so many people over so many years. It is I believe even more important today than ever, having witnessed some of the excellent work they are doing now to support those in need of all ages. I am sure everyone can think of something to do to raise money in this 175th anniversary year for Pharmacist Support to contribute to their fundraising activities.

You can support Gill and donate to the Fellows 1.75 mile swim through her justgiving page

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