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A festive fundraiser and back-breaking bike ride!

On November 22 last year the RPS North Wales Local Practice Forum held a festive wine tasting fundraiser for Pharmacist Support. The event has become an annual fixture in the Forums calendar which was launched a number of years ago by the committee of the former Clwyd Branch of the RPSGB and then Branch Secretary and former charity Trustee David Morgan. Social Secretary Alan Hughes was tasked with organising the initial function and he did not need to look further than his own skills and knowledge in wine when organising this themed festive gathering.

The 2013 event attracted many wine enthusiasts and raised an impressive £185 for the charity taking the cumulative sum raised over the years to £2000. In recognition of this feat Charity Manager Diane Leicester-Hallam joined the LPF for their latest celebration and thanked attendees for their continued support. Using an anonymous case study Diane highlighted the importance of the charity’s services and the impact they continue to have on those in the profession. One attendee commented ‘I can now comprehend the often silent work that is done to support pharmacists who are in need’.

Commenting on the evenings activities, LPF Admin Lead Alan Hughes said “This event is now a firm fixture in the LPF calendar, and members eagerly look forward to each year’s event. If all of the Local Practice Forums held an annual charity event for Pharmacist Support, we could each contribute towards this noble cause within our profession, and ease the funding burden of Pharmacist Support”.

The first fundraising event of 2014 will be taking place in May. Clinical Adviser (Medicines) at NHS England and newly appointed charity Trustee Jonathan Mason is leading a group of pharmacists in a Marble Arch to Arc de Triomphe cycle ride in support of the charity. Jonathan has set up a Justgiving fundraising page where you will be able to track progress and encourage him and the team on in their efforts to reach Paris! Visit for further details.

If you would like help setting up your own fundraising event, contact Petra on 0161 441 0317 or visit our fundraising pages for further info.

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