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Our Fabulous Fundraisers!

Spring has sprung, the sun is shining and with warmer weather (hopefully) on its way, we’ve got lots of opportunities for you to join our 175 Heroes and get involved with Pharmacist Support. In need of inspiration? Here is a quick update on what our 175 Heroes have already been up to this last month.

PJ BPSA Action itemThe BPSA held their annual conference in Cardiff in March, and the week long programme of events featured lots of fundraising for our 175 Hero campaign. This included a charity auction featuring a 133 year old copy of the PJ and the annual BPSA Ball.So far they have raised an impressive £1750 but other plans are brewing, so watch this space!!

Alan Hughes and the RPS North Welsh LPF held yet another successful wine tasting event in March, raising a fantastic £123.

University of Strathclyde kick started their fundraising with a stationary bike ride clocking up over 200 miles, but they are not stopping there. They have also held the first of two balls and a bake sale! To date they have raised £480.

Strathclyde 1 Strathclyde 4 Strathclyde

Leicester School of Pharmacy raised £137.10 though the naming of their SIM man, and a charity raffle.

NHS Dorset held a cake sale and raised a Mary Berry mouthwatering £126.

A huge thanks to all of the cyclists, buyers, eaters and drinkers – you are all amazing!

And you can get involved too

There are lots of ideas, templates and event support materials on our website to get you going and of course if you need any further advice or guidance we are here to support you.

We still have exclusive places in this year’s London Superhero Run in May. Get involved here.

You can join our charity trustee Jonathan Mason on his 175 mile walk from Bloomsbury square to Birdsgrove house. Why not visit his Facebook page or donate here

OR if you prefer your feet to leave the ground completely you could join Pharmacist Support’s very own Chief Executive, Diane Leicester-Hallam and the 175 heroes skydive team here.

For more information on taking part check out our Events and Challenges page or contact Emma Peate 0161 4410317

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