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Employment contracts for pre-registration trainees

We have just published a new fact sheet giving information on a range of common enquiries we receive from pre-registration trainees with regards employment contracts.

Topics covered include:-

  • written, verbal and statutory requirements
  • rates of pay
  • holidays
  • rest breaks
  • sick leave
  • working hours
  • notice requirements.

There is also a checklist covering issues that trainees and newly qualified pharmacists should avoid in a contract. These include:-

  • no statement of working hours
  • variations in working site
  • any attempt to reduce statutory rights
  • financial penalty clause for leaving before the end of contracted period.

Pre-registration trainee issues

The fact sheet also covers areas that relate specifically to pre-registration trainees. These include:-

  • learning contracts
  • study time
  • training plans.

International students

International students should note that as well as all of the standard information on employment contracts, they will also need to satisfy the terms of any visa that they apply for. For further information on visa requirements, see our International students (non-EEA): visa requirements for the pre-registration year fact sheet.

Employment advice

The fact sheet also contains information about where to go for advice, including trade unions and our own service which includes a referral to a specialist employment adviser if required.

For further information about employment contracts, see our Pre-registration: employment contracts fact sheet.

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