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Charity Partner – Pharmacy Complete

Deborah Evans is the Managing Director of Pharmacy Complete, and along with Principal Associate Michael Holden they tell us all about why they’ve come on board as a #GoGreen4PS charity partner, and what they are doing to support the campaign.

Why is Pharmacist Support important to you and your organisation?

The work that Pharmacists Support does to support pharmacists is critically important to ensure that individuals within the profession have the support they need to help others.  As pharmacists, we know how much pressure individuals can be under to deliver all that they need to in a day, whilst supporting their teams and patients.  Pharmacy Complete is committed to helping pharmacists and their teams help others; our values and purpose are strongly aligned.

What prompted you and your organisation to get involved with the charity’s #GoGreen4PS campaign?

Raising awareness of Pharmacist Support and the services you provide has never been more important.  We live in challenging and frequently stressful times; building strong mental health is so important.

What activities do you have planned?

We have included our support for Pharmacist Support on our website and social media messages;  contributing £1 per course/per delegate (£5 per Complete HLP pack) for every pack sold until the end of October 2019.  We will continue to promote the charity in the activities we have planned for the remainder of 2019.

If you would like to become a charity partner please get in touch with us HERE

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