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Charity Partner – CPPE

Matthew Shaw is the Director at the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education. Here he tells us why the CPPE has pledged their support for the #GoGreen4PS campaign.

Why is Pharmacist Support important to you and your organisation?

We provide education and training to pharmacists across England and we are in regular contact both through face to face and online learning activities as well as with those who contact us for advice and mentoring.  We know that changes within the contract and increased workload are causing stress within the profession, and we also know that there continues to be a huge need for pharmacists to engage actively in their own wellbeing.  Pharmacy is lucky to have a charity which is there specifically to support members of the profession in these aims.

What prompted you and your organisation to get involved with the charity’s #GoGreen4PS campaign?

We have engaged in the campaign each year for the last few years and it has been a good way for us to demonstrate our support for our learners whilst also raising the profile of the charity itself more widely.  We also think it’s great to support our  local advocates of the profession as fellow workers in Manchester!

What activities do you have planned?

We will once again be having our cake event, but we are also exploring how we engage pharmacy students in knowing about the charity.

If you’d like to become a charity partner please get in touch with us HERE

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