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Changing your pre-registration placement

More often than not, pre-registration trainees complete their training year without needing to make any changes to their placement. However, on occasion, a trainee may need to change tutors or switch to a new training site. Here are our top tips on things to consider if this happens to you.

Keep the GPhC informed

Any changes to a pre-registration placement and/or tutor will need to be reported to the GPhC. Trainees should note that any training undertaken that has not been approved by the GPhC will not be recognised as pre-registration training.

Banking and switching

Trainees are able to bank sections of satisfactory signed-off training. Trainees should note that the final 52 week sign-off can only be given by a tutor who has known them for at least six months. Trainees making late changes to placements or tutors may need to extend their training in order to achieve the final sign-off.

Notice requirements 

Trainees should check their notice requirements carefully. Minimum notice requirements are set out in law (statutory notice), however, employers can set out a longer notice period in the employment contract (contractual notice). Trainees who have not been given a written copy of their employment contract should refer to the statutory notice which is one week during the first year of employment.

International pre-registration trainees

International trainees who are looking to leave their current employer will need to ensure that their new placement meets all of the GPhC criteria and those of the UK Visas and Immgration (UKVI). Trainees must have submitted a new visa application prior to leaving a UKVI approved placement.

For further information about making changes to your pre-registration placement, see our Making changes to your pre-registration placement fact sheet.

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