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In-work poverty: Benefits Awareness Month

Over half of the 13 million people in poverty are part of working households, according to charity Turn2us whose annual Benefits Awareness Month is launched on April 15th, focusing this year on in-work poverty. They report that currently 1.4 million people are working part time yet want to be in full time employment. Combined with a more than 2% fall in real wages since 2010 and cost of living increases, working households are struggling to survive.

Look out for more information on in-work poverty from Turn2us during Benefits Awareness Month or go to their website for updates.

If you are in work but on a low income, help may be available to you, for example, in the form of Working Tax Credits.  Turn2us have a benefits calculator that you could use to see if you might be entitled to claim.

Pharmacist Support can also provide free and confidential advice on benefit entitlement from a specialist benefits adviser.  Call us on 0808 168 2233, email us on, or contact us via our website or Live Chat

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