Our aims

Our mission is

‘To provide financial assistance and pastoral support to pharmacists and their families, former pharmacists and pharmacy students’

We aim to relieve poverty and financial hardship for pharmacists, former pharmacists and their families and students of pharmacy, and to provide effective support and information to promote a positive existence.

The charity’s objectives are:

  • to be recognised as the primary resource for all pharmacists and/or their dependants in times of need
  • to engage with pharmacists to identify and pilot new services
  • to establish a collaborative relationship with other organisations in order to identify options for support services
  • to increase awareness by all stakeholders of Pharmacist Support as the leading independent provider of confidential support services
  • to raise funds from the pharmacy profession to facilitate the range of services provided for clients in need.

Our internal focus is on:

  • managing our finances responsibly and deploying our resources in order to maximise the social value delivered
  • ensuring we have an effective infrastructure in place to manage and resource our service provision
  • developing and improving our functions by the application of recognised standards
  • delivering robust systems of monitoring for all aspects of performance and management.